Jaguar has always been lauded for its racing heritage, unparalleled performance, and driver-friendliness. In the XF, Jaguar's midsize luxury sedan, you get a classic Jaguar on each of these levels. While Jaguar hardly changed the XF for its 2012 iteration - slight style changes to the taillights being the main upgrade, along with other minor design tweaks - the car still can't be beat as far as performance in its class.

To understand the allure and power of the XF, you need to test drive it. And if you live in the Chicago area, there's no better place in Illinois to get your hands on the wheel of a 2012 Jaguar XF than at Jaguar Chicago - helping Jaguar owners in Chicago for over 50 years. Our huge selection of new and pre-owned Jaguar vehicles is as expansive as the cars are luxurious. Take one step onto our lot, and you'll be hooked. Our helpful staff is always ready to greet you with a smile and answer any questions you might have.

One of your first questions might be, "What makes the XF the best driving luxury car around?" The answer is simple and comes from under the hood of the 4-door masterpiece. The XF's 385-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-8 engine is the heart and soul of this roadster, a powerful engine worthy of a Jaguar. The V-8 engine also comes standard, something many competitors - such as BMW - can't match.

But the Jaguar XF isn't just a performance car, and has the features to prove it. First off, the car retains the basic exterior design from previous years' XF models, an iconic mix of sports car and luxury sedan. The car's look is fresh and sleek. Inside, the XF oozes class, from the wood paneling to the leather bound steering wheel to the high-tech navigation system (which, like the V-8 engine, comes standard). Perhaps the most interesting feature is the shift knob, a unique feature that rises upon ignition. Add on a 30-gig hard drive to store music, and the XF will satisfy any driver as well as the passengers.

Clearly the XF is a class-leader for a number of reasons. To see its many colors, features, and options, check out our online inventory or stop by our dealership. Driving a dream car doesn't have to be a dream, so make it a reality today at Jaguar Chicago.