Each Jaguar model in our lineup has dynamic all-wheel drive, meaning it has great control and traction, even in the middle of winter. The AWD system has Intelligent Driveline Dynamics that predicts traction loss instead of reacting to it. Wheel speed, wheel traction, rotational activity, suspension, steering, and brakes are continuously monitored, collecting 100 points of data per second. The moment your Jaguar predicts slick conditions, the algorithms automatically shift torque to the wheels that have better grip - before you even lose traction. Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is incredibly seamless, so you won't even know it's happening.


Adaptive Surface Response is an additional system that works alongside all-wheel drive Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. The Jaguar saloons, XF, and XE switch back and forth between the two program modes since adaptive surface response helps distinguish between different low-traction surfaces. Certain models also have separate traction control and a snow mode for an even bigger boost. Jaguar really does have some of the best SUVs for winter driving.


There are actions you can take outside of using your vehicle's built-in systems, as well. We're here to help your Jaguar perform above and beyond your expectation. Here are a few winter driving tips to help accomplish that:

Use winter tires.

You can get great grip on winter roads by switching to winter-specific tires. We'd be happy to recommend and supply the best ones for you, and store them in the offseason. The difference between regular and winter tires is that winter tires are made from material that can better withstand frigid temperatures and contain grooves that repel snow and ice. They can help you stop 59% faster in winter weather, which is an immense improvement.

Get additional traction help.

You also have the option to invest in the Snow Sock Winter Traction Aid, a system that fits on all four wheels and improves grip. Or, consider the Snow Traction System snow chains that fit onto the back wheels only. Both will help you charge through the snow with ease.

            Get a winter health check.

Any Jaguar-approved service center can check your vehicle to ensure smooth seasonal driving. They'll assess the performance of wiper blades, brakes and more.


Contact us if you have additional questions regarding how Jaguars navigate winter weather. We're happy to chat and share our vast knowledge.


As always, check out our parts specials. It might just be time to pickup a few extras for your Jaguar.